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Cougar Hot Springs: Paradise Imperiled


By Greg Thorne - Tuesday 4/5/05 9:39pm

I just received this response from FS McKenzie River District Ranger:

Mary Allison
District Ranger
McKenzie River Ranger District
Willamette National Forest


Friends of Cougar is holding elections now for our Board of Directors. We
are forming a non-profit corporation. Will you grant us the opportunity to
submit a bid for this contract to manage the Hot Springs?

Founder, Friends of Cougar,

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 6:24 PM
Subject: Cougar Hot Springs

Hello Greg:  Twilliger Hot Springs is not a stand alone concessions
operation.  It is being added to the existing concessions permit for the
district for a trial basis through 12-31-05.  It will be an amendment to
the existing concessions permit for Hoodoo who manages a variety of day use
and overnight sites in that area and on the entire district.  Hoodoo has
satisfactorily managed sites in this area for us the past several years.
They are an existing business entity with a good performance record.  If
our evaluation of this trial period is good, Hoodoo's existing permit will
be amended to include this day use site for the remainder of the term of
their existing permit.

The decision was made to add this day use area partly as a result of
declining Forest Service budgets and our diminishing ability to provide the
presence at this site that is necessary to maintain a clean and safe
experience.  I spoke with Maria Jensen about five weeks ago and informed
her of our decision to try this.

My expectation is that we may even add additional sites to a concessionaire
prospectus when we go out for bid in the next 4 to 5 years.  At that time
we will accept and consider bids from potential new bidders.

I value your concern and interest in the very special area and would
appreciate any feedback you might have after the concessionaire has had a
chance to operate this summer.  My expectation is that the concessionaire
will greatly add to the cleanliness and safety/security of this area.
Thank you....Mary


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