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By Greg Thorne - Friday 4/1/05

Until now the Friends of Cougar has had no officers, just members. Our membership totals over 1400 individuals.

In order to incorporate as a non-profit, sign a contract with the Forest Service and manage the Hot Springs we will need officers.

First election - 4/5/05:

We are going to first elect a Secretary. The Secretary will then oversee the election of the other members of the board of directors.

Only votes placed between midnight and 11:59pm PDT on April 5th will be counted. You are welcome to test the voting page today and submit any comments.

4/5/05 Ballot for Secretary


Seond Election - 4/12/05:

4 additional members of the board of directors

There will thus be a total of 5 members on the board of directors which will each have one vote on matters of the Friends of Cougar which will be incorporated as a non-profit.

The board will choose officers. The term for elected members of the board of directors is one year.

Each member of the Friends of Cougar is entitled to one vote. Those persons (4, in the case of the 4/12/05 election) who receive the highest number of votes will be elected to the board of directors.


If you would like be on the ballot, please send your first and last name to You may also send up to 50 words of comments to be included on a page of candidates for voters to learn more about you. Optionally, you may attach a digital photo of yourself to be posted.

We will accept nominations for the second election from now until 11pm PDT on April 10, 2005. The second election will be April 12. You will be able to vote any time on that day via the web site. Each of our 1400 members are being notified by email of this nomination process and election. Each are entitled to one vote in each of these elections.

You may send any questions to


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